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pricing by the inch -addendum

updated sat 6 dec 97


shelford on fri 5 dec 97

It occurs to me that I'm going to look awfully yuppie with that $15/hour
price I put on my time, in my spreadsheet for pricing (yesterday's posting,
under seconds/selection). However, I hope it will be clear from the context
(i.e. 15 minutes to make and glaze a bowl) that there is a lot of peripheral
time that I'm not counting. Mainly because it is just more complicated than
it's worth trying to work it all out. I started off giving myself
$7.50/hour (the local minimum wage), but that resulted in prices so low as
to be absurd. So, having got all the other inputs in line, I just jacked up
my "take-home pay" until the result made some sense. NOT rigorous, but it

- Veronica
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