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pricing by the inch - addendum no. 2

updated sat 6 dec 97


shelford on fri 5 dec 97

Just had a private e-mail suggesting that my $15/hour "wage" is too low.
Perhaps I should add that I live in a place where a haircut is $5 (men or
women), and a great deal of in-community commerce is barter. There's only a
five-mile strip of water between Thetis and Vancouver Island, but in some
ways it might as well be 1000. I'm trying to be legitimate in my retrieval
of costs and generating a wage, but not out of line with real life around
here. The sample bowl I'm talking about is REALLY basic - I'm the only
local source for kitchen oddments, as well as "art pieces" - and it's the
former I'm talking about.

Just an added thought. (Don't miss the next thrilling installment...)

- Veronica on Thetis Island (a.k.a. Brigadoon...)
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