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2009 3-day summer/fall workshops

updated wed 27 may 09


MudFire - Luba & Erik on tue 26 may 09

Hi everyone,=3D20

I'm posting this for the folks that have expressed interest in =3D
3-day-long hands-on workshops. It's a great opportunity to pick up some =
great tips, get inspired, learn and collaborate... without the week-long =
expense and time away from studio. There are some super airfares =3D
available now and hotels nearby for about $45. The list below is for =3D
workshops with a few spaces still available. You can check out the full =
line-up on To register, please call 404-377-8033.
All the best!!
John Britt
"Understanding Glazes, Materials & Firing"
In this three-day discussion workshop, participants will learn about =3D
ceramic materials, formulating glazes, and firing practices. =3D
Participants will also bring bisque to glaze and fire in our reduction =3D
June 12-13-14, 2009. $295. Class size 20. Additional details at =3D

Susan Beiner
"Building Playfully From Parts"
In this three-day hands-on workshop, participants will learn to create a =
library of parts from mold-making, slip casting, handbuilding, and =3D
throwing. These will be assembled into playful compositions, both =3D
sculptural and functional.
July 24-25-26, 2009. $295. Class size 18. Additional details at =3D

Nancy Selvin
"Still Life With Print"
In this three-day discussion workshop, Nancy will teach a unique method =3D
for handbuilding vessels from foam armatures, then completing the =3D
surface with layers of text, image, and color.
July 31 - August 2, 2009. $295. Class size 18. =3D20
Additional details at =3D

Janis Mars Wunderlich
"Imaginative Figures in Clay"
Janis Mars Wunderlich teaches participants to mine their life =3D
experiences to create richly detailed imaginative figures in clay. Three =
day, hands on figure sculpture workshop.
August 13-15, 2009. Thursday - Saturday.
$295. Class size 18. Additional details at =3D

Paul Andrew Wandless
"Image Transfer Techniques"
This three day, hands-on class will address many techniques for =3D
transfering imagery on clay. Paul will teach screen printing, mono =3D
printing, embossing, relief, stencils, and more.
October 16-17-18. $295 fee. Class size 18. =3D20
Additional details at =3D

Bonnie Seeman
"Achieving a Beautiful Macabre"
Bonnie teaches a three-day, hands-on workshop focusing on altering & =3D
combining wheel thrown parts to achieve functional forms which combine =3D
anatomical and botanical elements.
October 23-25. $295 fee. Class size 18. =3D20
Additional details at =3D

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