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residency and studio available at workhouse arts center

updated thu 7 may 09


Dale Marhanka on wed 6 may 09


Please forward the below info that a studio will be available-Starting
September 1,2009 at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton Virginia.

Thank you

Lorton Arts Foundation

Workhouse Arts Center at Lorton Ceramics Residency Program=3D20


The Workhouse Arts Center Ceramics Residency Program offers the
emerging, pre-professional or professional ceramic artists the
individual space and time needed for personal artistic growth in a
dynamically cooperative educational environment. The Ceramics Residency
Program provides the serious ceramics artist an opportunity and ability
to function independently and to refine and exhibit their work, expand
on their educational experiences, and contribute to the growth and
promotion of the cultural arts in our Community, our Artists, Students,
Ceramics program and the Lorton Arts Foundation. The new state of the
art facility comprising 8,000 sq. ft. with 5- 220sq. ft. individual
resident artist studio spaces, a dedicated retail gallery space,
classroom space, two indoor kiln rooms, outdoor gas kiln space, raw
materials lab, slab roller, extruder, and spray booth allows the artist
to expand their use of a variety of tools and processes available for
the ceramic artist. =3D20


The Workhouse Arts Center Ceramics Program is a dynamically creative and
educationally cooperative environment. Facilities and equipment
resources are offered at a reasonably low rate.

* Minimum 25 hours of weekly presence in studio (working) and
gallery sitting.=3D20

* Active contribution and participation towards growth and
daily operational activities of Ceramics program by instructing,
assisting, mentoring, supervising or maintaining various areas of

* Follow all guidelines, procedures and policies as set forth
in contract and residency program guidelines.


Ceramic Artists with a substantial background/working knowledge of
ceramic techniques and processes including hand-building and/or
wheel-throwing, firing and glaze making skills. All accepted applicants
will go through a short orientation and training on studio procedures
and guidelines with the Ceramics Director and must follow all safe
handling practices with materials and equipment.


The Workhouse Arts Center Ceramics Residency Program is a function of
the Workhouse Arts Center Ceramics Program. Cost is $2,970.00 per year
or 247.50/month. Yearly membership with Workhouse Arts Center, Electric
and Gas Firing fees (bisque or glaze), clay and use of raw materials are
an additional fee. Newly Accepted residents may begin at any time
during the calendar year and with approval of Ceramics Director. The
Workhouse Arts Center Ceramics Residency Program is limited to 5 Ceramic

How to Apply

Review of applications for residency program is ongoing. Please
complete the attached application form, and submit along with a letter
of intent, resume, artist statement, a CD or slides of 10 images
(current within last 3 years) with image info sheet, 2 reference
contacts and submit to The Lorton Arts Foundation-Workhouse Arts Center
Ceramics Program C/o Dale Marhanka- Ceramics Director, 9504 Workhouse
Way-Bldg. 8, Lorton Virginia 22079=3D20




Dale Marhanka

Ceramics Director

Lorton Arts Foundation

Workhouse Arts Center

9504 Workhouse Way-Bldg. 8

Lorton Virginia 22079 =3D20 =3D20 =3D20



David McBeth on wed 6 may 09

I need help getting in touch with Dannon Rhudy but have lost her email
address. Dannon - you out there?


Dave McBeth