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outdoor sculpture: electric insulators

updated wed 6 may 09


Stephani Stephenson on tue 5 may 09

As an aside ,Hamilton also talks about large electric insulators, which m=
ust certainly=3D20
qualify as=3D20
"large outdoor sculptures".. there's a photo of them turning and jollyin=
g a large clay=3D20
insulator on a lathe... it is ,much larger than a person / He claims the =
insulator 'porcelain'=3D20
is fired to 1180 C /2150 F, glazed, and is non porous.
( and not easy to work with for typical handbuilding methods)
the claybody he gives, if you are curious, is=3D20

ball clay 20-40 %
china clay 17-35%
quartz 20-50%
potash felspar 20-35%