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melted wheel head

updated thu 7 may 09


Joseph Herbert on wed 6 may 09

Quoted below is a line from the Creative Industries web site. It appears,
no doubt, in the owner's manual for the wheel.

"14" Wheelhead - sturdy steel structure(height 19.5") and long-life
polypropolyne composite surface."

Perhaps they will give you a discount if you offer your picture to be place=
on the warning sticker.

It is an odd spelling of Polypropylene. Perhaps you could claim the
misspelled plastic is not supposed to melt.

There is metal under there somewhere. I doubt that it is a flat plate.
Probably has holes and other irregularities to join with the "long-life"
(under most circumstances) wheelhead. Have you considered casting a plaste=
surface or purchasing one of those fixtures for using a plaster bat system.
Either could get you back to a workable wheel without having to listen to
the customer service people ask that question over and over...


Joseph Herbert
Training Developer