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doing a craft show again

updated thu 7 may 09


lela martens on wed 6 may 09

> So here are the results from the Spring Craft Show. Attendance was down=
> and sales were abysmal. Even the old established show people were talking=
> 40% below last year. We didn't recover costs


We are south of you in Lethbridge=3D2C Jim. Sales in our potter`s guild S=
ing Sale here in Lethbridge were down about 25%.=3D20


Pertaining to my own work=3D2C what sold were either mugs=
hat came out an unexpected colour=3D2C or my high end=3D2C labour intesive =
es at the other end of the scale.=3D20


Good luck with the folk fest.


Lela Martens

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