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ceramic handled flatware

updated wed 6 may 09


Frances Howard on mon 4 may 09

Hi Jeff,

I have made quite a few silver butter knives and ceramic handles for them. =
You have to glue the long, hidden part of the knife into the hole in the =
handle. They are easy to join together with 2 part epoxy, which makes a n=
eat and durable join though this sort of flatware should be washed by hand =
not dishwasher I think.

The old flatware, 19th century etc used to use a sort of sealing wax type =
of glue, I'm not really quite sure what it was but it should be easy enough=
to find out. But there's no need to go that route as epoxy is everywhere =
and probably works better. (Unless you have to be antique type authentic o=
f course, another matter altogether). I have never had a knife come apart.=
Any old 2 part epoxy would do I should think.

I have also reglued old wobbly knives. Just pull them apart and scrape out=
the old stuff inside and epoxy away. Easy.

Frances Howard.