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outside sculptures in freezing climates

updated tue 5 may 09


Lis Allison on mon 4 may 09

One thing nobody has mentioned is how the piece is displayed - hung
vertically on a wall or something, or standing on the ground. Brick is
normally mounted vertically and so survives winters in freezing areas.
Try the same brick lying down on the ground, like on a path, and it
spalls to pieces in only a year or two.

I have a few pottery pieces (cone 6 porcelain and cone 02 earthenware)
hanging on my studio wall (outside) and they have survived for a dozen
years so far. It gets pretty cold here.

The same earthenware stuck in the ground as plant labels usually only
lasts one winter.

My guess is that pieces in contact with wet ground absob a lot more
moisture than those which only get surface-wet.


Elisabeth Allison
Pine Ridge Studio