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chinese clay art featured by martha steward living

updated thu 4 dec 08


Guangzhen Zhou on wed 3 dec 08

The texture mats of Chinese Clay Art have been featured on the cover of Mar=
tha Steward Living Magazine=2C plus the pages of 27=2C 28=2C 34=2C and 232.=
The process of Martha Stewart cookie making will be on the TV program of M=
artha Steward Living on Dec. 8th=2C 2008 (please Google it for the TV chann=
el in your local area).
=93I have been somewhat of a faux-bois freak during the past few years=2C s=
o the wood-grain design became central to this year=92s cookie theme. Not o=
nly did we design some fabulous metallic faux-bois wrapping paper for our c=
rafts line=2C but we also discovered a new tool (a potter=92s tool=3B see t=
he Guide) that can imprint wood grain and other patters right onto rolled-o=
ut dough.=94 --- page 28.=20
Started on October 7th=2C we have received many orders of basket weave text=
ure mats online and by phone calls=2C then we have realized our product has=
been featured on the Martha Stewart Living magazine=2C Nov. issue=2C and t=
hen on the cover of Dec. issue. Our patented texture mats have been used fo=
r chocolate and cookies making.
I have went China twice for getting the food safe plastic materials and hav=
e the factory made them in few days and sent over by air cargo to the US. N=
ow=2C the texture mats of PA 01 series (PA 01-2 to PA 01-6 only) have been =
made out of food safe materials. Guangzhen "Po" Zhou Chinese Clay Art Corp.=
/ ClayGround Clay Art Supplies and Studio 1155 S. De Anza Blvd. San Jose=
=2C CA 95129 Mailling address: PO Box 1733=2C Cupertino=2C CA 95015 Tel. 40=
8-343-3919=2C Fax. 408-343-0117 ChineseClayArt@ho= Art Tools are Part of Art Works.=