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u.p. hobagama 2008 arch templates swamp fire

updated sat 29 nov 08


gary navarre on thu 27 nov 08

Hi ya Crew,

Hope ya'll had a good safe Thanksgiving. Zack came to get me so Peter & Karen could feed me and I ate good but I'm sad for my Mom since she is stuck in assisted living and I guess nobody much is around for her to hang with. Oh well, I guess that's what dementia is all about, being old and lonely. We always seemed to prefer to be alone anyway but when ya can't take care of the details of living alone anymore and the cops get called too many times it's time to listen to the kids. I tried to get her to move up here but that was pointless effort. Now she's all pissed off we are trying to keep her from dieing alone in her Dearborn house and we are after her money. Geezche! Glad I stayed up here and played with the kiln.

Something I did last spring so I could get a better eye on the curve of the chamber and add to the support was add some thick Styrofoam pieces to the arch templates already in place...

When the loggers came through with their processors some of the Cedar got knocked down along with natural blow downs and Les and Rick said I could have some for posts and beams in the kiln shed and wood rack we need so I started working on some out on the edge of the Cedar swamp...

I've got quite a few useful lengths of Cedar over the summer.

Now to the more up to date fun part with just a few more pictures. I've been playing with lighting the pignose with a good charge of mostly Maple sticks 2"-6" diameter and letting it slowly rip over the past couple days when the temperature hes been around freezing. My goal is to get the inside warm enough so it will stay warm long enough to final dry a setting of pots and furniture to 0 humidity so it won't freeze if I can't finish making a load right away. I also have to keep the heat down so I don't melt the temporary Styrofoam door...

scroll down past the stuff on finishing the stack base to the new shots on lighting the pignose with just 4 1/2' of stack lagged in...

I reloaded it two hours ago and there is still smoke at the stack. Way cool so I'm gonna wait till it stops and I'll bet there is a good pile of Maple coals still putting out heat so stay in there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA