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call to artists: a nose by any other name would smell as sweet

updated mon 24 nov 08


Doric T. Jemison-Ball ll on sat 22 nov 08

CALL TO ARTISTS: A nose by any other name would smell as sweet


Dear Clay Art Folks:


I am making a call to artists to provide fired ceramic positive casts of =
actual human being's noses for a sculpture "A nose by any other name =
would smell as sweet" to be exhibited at Art In the Redwoods in Gualala, =
CA. during the summer of 2009 or 2010 depending on response.


This is a sculpture celebrating the diversity of human beings =
everywhere. It has always been my personal opinion the that the phrase =
in the Constitution of the United States of America that reads "All men =
are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable =
rights." should be interpreted as applying to ALL HUMAN BEINGS. I have =
always been dismayed that each group of human beings perceived as =
"other" by their fellow human beings has had to struggle to achieve =
recognition that they have the same inalienable rights as everyone else.


The sculpture will be a billboard presentation of the noses displayed =
side by side. Each nose will be numbered and the number will refer back =
to a Nose Documentation Sheet filled out by the owner of the nose, with =
whatever information the nose's owner feels is appropriate. While a Nose =
Documentation Sheet will be provided, all information is optional. In =
addition, any additional comments or information the Nose's owner may =
wish to contribute will be encouraged. A looseleaf notebook containing =
all of the Nose Documentation Sheets will be part of the exhibit.


There are not a lot of other rules. I expect that the majority of noses =
will come in as plain bisqued clay. However, if individuals wish to =
otherwise decorate their noses, this too is encouraged.


This has been a project I have been considering for some time. The =
recent Proposition 8 vote overturning same sex marriage in California, =
has, however, pushed me over the edge to get off my rear end and get =
this project going.


In the interests of space, and not tying up this forum, you can continue =
this discussion with me off line at I will also =
provide draft copies of the Nose documentation sheet and answer any =


While this is nominally my idea, if you find it appealing, feel free to =
duplicate it in your own area in any way that works for you. I am =
placing formally in the public domain for all to participate in and =
enjoy. I'd love to hear what you did in your area if you do anything =
locally, and will add whatever info I get to the exhibit here in =

Doric T. Jemison-Ball ll
P.O. Box 1647
Gualala, CA 95445

707-884-5067 Voice
707-884-4449 FAX
818-606-6678 CELL

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Jim Kasper on sun 23 nov 08

Hello Doric,
I will definately be in on this!! I have had great fun doing
breasts here in Florida, and I think noses would be another great body part
to add to my resume.

Have you give any thought to how you would like the back of the nose
prepared? If you asked all the potters/nose_artisans to make a 3/4" deep by
1/8" wide hole in the back, it would allow for gluing in an attachment post,
or just hanging from a nail.


Zafka Studios
Jensen Beach, FL