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photo credit - reply to louis katz

updated fri 5 dec 97


Michael McDowell on thu 4 dec 97

Rafael -

Over the last couple of years while I've been subscribed to Clayart, I have
noted your signature on many an insightful and informative posting. This
last one with regard to photo credit, however, seems to be the product of
one of your periodic snits.

I gather your point is that no one deserves credit if everyone is not
credited, and I don't entirely disagree with you. Our society is in general
too ready to withold respect, recognition and appreciation from the people
and things of which it is composed. If each of us who feels thus slighted
responds by slighting others in turn, that condition will never improve.

Far from seeking an =22exalted position in society=22, my purpose in pursing
recognition through submission to national exhibitions and competitions is
to someday be able earn even minimum wage for the hours I devote to my clay
work. I know that my photographer is in a similar position, and can well
use any credits he gets for the publication of his work to build his
portfolio and reputation.

All that aside, speaking as one who earned his way through undergraduate
school pumping gas =26 patching flats. If you have experienced noteworthy
performance from such a person, why don't you consider dashing off a letter
of commendation to their employer? I can tell you from experience it will
be valuable =26 much appreciated=3B A worthy experession of the Christmas
Spirit, should it sieze you.

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA