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the times they are a changin': shipping costs

updated mon 17 nov 08


Lili Krakowski on sun 16 nov 08

Basically a question.

Of recent there have been several comments of this type: " I need
X but the cost of shipping is horrendous...."

Then "we" get lots of messages that go like this: "If you ever
are in the BlahBlah area, I live just 3 miles from XYZ. so why
don't you...."
And there are calls for roommates for NCECA.

Now several things come to mind: For one: IF Mitzi lives in
Cetteplace and a major supplier is in Cetteplace plus 234 miles
there well may be potters along the route Cetteplace to Supplier
who ALSO need stuff. Furthermore there are plenty of people who
have relatives between THEIR homes and Supplier who might
consider schlepping stuff.

When I used to go on my yearly trip from home (near Utica NY) to
Bailey's I certainly would have picked up stuff for a friend or
two. (Depending of course on how much of what.)

I know this would be a terrible imposition on the
that is NOT what I am suggesting. But is there some good soul
out there
who WOULD make up some sort of list of volunteers who would
either join in a "buying club" for a specific area from a
specific dealer, OR
is there a dealer who would make a list, so that, lettuce take
Bailey, someone in Troy could write in and say: Is there someone
who goes South from here to Bailey...etc." Would the Moderators
allow ONE WEEK AND ONE WEEK ONLY--remember All Is In The
Archives--for people along major routes to post themselves--by
e-mail address--and say things like : " I am near X and buy from
Y. would share cost of
pickup" OR "My dear old mother lives next door to Bracker's--I
live in Z and visit three times a year..."

Idea? Plain stupid?

And last: Can't Potter's Council talk to motel chains so that
"we" can get discounts?

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage