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potters palette: cone 10 to cone 6

updated mon 17 nov 08


Elizabeth Jacobs on sun 16 nov 08

Thanks to all those who responded with suggestions for modifications
and glazes to try.
I did search the archives before I posted the question and found two
references to this book but they did not address this specific
question. I just went back and searched deeper and found reference to
the concept, but not specifically this book or recipe. If this
question has been asked for 25 years, one would expect to find more
discussion on the topic in the archives.
I have a small business where I teach a few clay classes a week to
kids and adults. I make some of my own glazes but have found the
testing of new glazes to be frustrating as well as exciting. Since I
don't do a high fire that frequently, it becomes a process that takes
a long period of time. One of my students wants to make a dinnerware
set with a deep brown satin matt glaze with some mottled tones. I
thought this book would be a good place to start, since I am more of a
visual learner than a glaze chemist.
I think of Clayart as a place where clay workers at any level are
welcome to join the discussion. I truly appreciate those who take the
time to generously offer their knowledge.