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updated marketing web presence

updated wed 29 oct 08


Dawn Kleinman on tue 28 oct 08

Hi All,

I don't want to go back to work at a job I suck at and will probably get
fired from again.

Sooo.... I have revamped my pottery marketing strategy:

I will not wait for 'special shows' to come around at certain times of the

I will not pound the pavement (not too much) and waste a lot of time and gas
begging for a consignment spot in a store

I will keep my website updated with a blog

I will make a time management plan
2 hours on the computer in the am (and eat)
make necessary phone calls not just emails
be in the studio until 3pm
run errands for the house in conjunction with studio errands

I will sell at local craft shows (you know, the little ones I swore I was
above that)

I will sell at The Italian Market in Philly ( I have a great cheap location
in the middle of it) at least once a week

I will add website presence until I can't remember which sites I'm on
because there would be so many (yep, making a list)

I will keep accurate records of what I have sold and where

I will make sure that my friends and possible future customers get 1st

I will make sure that the few gallery/shops that have supported me (even on
consignment) will get great service, updated products and remain on the top
of my priority list

what do you think of that? My studio is in the shed next to my house. Very
easy commute. My kids are pretty self reliant at 13 years old (twins). I
will finish my day around the same time they finish their homework. Dinner,
laundry, showers, etc.
BTW I have been doing 90% of this 90% of the time.

Here are the sites: (I think you just have to look up my name Dawn Kleinman -
my daughter will bling it for me)

Marketing plans are difficult for me. I think I'm on the right path. What do
you do for yours?

- in Philly, where those Phillies better win tonight. These late nights are
killing me