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updated tue 4 nov 08


James F on mon 3 nov 08

'Artist Martin Creed won Britain's 2001 Turner Prize for his highly acclaim=
ed installation of a lightbulb going off and on indefinitely in an otherwis=
e-empty room. His latest exhibition ('Work No. 850')=2C at the Tate Britain=
in July=2C consists of a runner sprinting through one of the galleries eve=
ry 30 seconds. The museum's director described Work No. 850 as a 'compellin=
g=2C' 'lyrical' piece that 'upsets any preconceived ideas' of moving throug=
h an art space. ...[I]n 1996 [Creed] released his 'Sick Film=2C' consisting=
only of shots of people vomiting on camera=2C and at the time=2C he said h=
e was considering a similar s-word film=2C to consist only of people perfor=
ming an even less tasteful bodily function on camera.' [Reuters=2C 6-30-08]

Admittedly not as good as the murderer goldfish flakes=2C but still deep! M=
akes me wish I could try for a Turner Prize.

Be well.


James Freeman

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