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fwd: help glaze bright sky blue mc6g cone ^6 ox

updated wed 5 nov 08


Mary Starosta on tue 4 nov 08

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From: Mary Starosta
Date: Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 2:58 AM
Subject: Re: Help Glaze Bright Sky Blue MC6G Cone ^6 Ox
To: Ron Roy

Thank you Ron,
Seriously, Thank you so Much. Not just for the help with SKY BLUE but that
book with John has taught me a lot and I still have sooooo much to learn.
It's fun when you can mix up a glaze and have some success when you are just
starting to experiment. I have been a student potter since 1987 mostly in
the recreation center venue and some workshops along the way. It has not
been untill recently that I took it a step further and began a studio in my
house. Glaze mixing and firing was the piece I have been missing in my
journey and your book is amazing!

Thanks to all who posted with suggestions and fixes for my mistake. I have
a nice batch now ,of Bright Sky Blue! And I learned the difference between
my frit 3124 and fritt 3134 and I have more of an idea of what was missing
and added more of. Not completely but better grip. It's funny how a
mistake will make you work at a solution and understanding that I would not
have done if I wasn't sitting with a 7,000g bucket of "yuk". I am motivated
by money and do not like to waste any of it I didn't like the thought
of throwing out a bucket of glaze.

Many thanks!

Mary Starosta
Colorado Potter

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 10:52 PM, Ron Roy wrote:

> Hi Mary,
> here is what to add to every 100 grams you weighed out of the original
> glaze with the frit 3124. You will have to make some adjustments if you
> have used much of the mistake.
> Frit 3134 - 11.0
> Wolastonite - 2.0
> Talc - 2.5
> Silica - 2.0
> You are adding about 15% more material - you may have to add more iron,
> cobalt and rutile but I don't think it will be necessary.
> Let me know if you have questions - RR
> >I screwed up and mixed up 7,000g of Bright Sky Blue from MC6G (Master Cone
> 6
> >Glazes) Cone ^6 Ox. I used the Ferro Fritt 3124 instead of Fritt 3134 and
> >now I have a throw away "pucky" blue glaze. Is there any way I can fix
> this
> >glaze, it's really Awful with the wrong frit. Yikes. . . .
> >Thanks in Advance for any help? I've tested over other glazes and so far
> >nothing but ugly!
> >Mary Starosta
> >Colorado Potter
> >
> Ron Roy
> 15084 Little Lake Road
> Brighton, Ontario
> Canada
> K0K 1H0