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cone 6 shiny brown

updated sat 25 oct 08


=?iso-8859-1?Q?Tig_Dupr=E9?= on fri 24 oct 08

One of my favorite glazes is one I call Alberta Blue:
Alberta slip 80
Frit 3134 20
Total 100
Rutile 3 to 5%
The more rutile=2C the more blue.
It makes a glossy=2C flowing=2C honey-brown with lacy
blue highlights. Works wonderfully over texture.
Doesn't really hardpan in the bucket all that much=2C
but I like to add a capful of saturated epsom salts
for suspension=2C and about 1/2 cup of liquid starch
to make the glaze more hard in drying on the pot.
These additions are entirely optional=2C and are for a=20
bucketful of glaze=2C about 10 liters.
Best to all=2C
Tig Dupre
in Port Orchard=2C Washington=2C USA=