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updated sat 18 oct 08


mel jacobson on fri 17 oct 08

in many states getting yourself in business, like
a limited liability corp, setting up a name and getting
those things registered is not that hard.

and the amount of money to do it is almost free.

the only time i used an attorney in the ridatick llc
was for the patent. and, you can save a great deal
of money by running your own patent search..see what is
out there...remember the patent office has almost a google
like search engine to help folks see what is there. i spent many
hours on the website of the uspo looking at tick patents.
that is when i decided to go forward.

i did everything myself.

in many cases, artist would serve themselves well
to create an LLC.
my tax benefits are amazing.
not going into detail...but, they are
very well defined.
business start up benefits can be well worth it.
so, much of my attorney fees etc are deductible.

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