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creative kids

updated sun 12 oct 08


C. A. Sanger on sun 12 oct 08

Mel is so right about kids jumping right in when allowed to make their ow=
n art. And it is true schools are messing up big time dumping art, "vo-t=
ech" classes, recess, etc. I tried volunteering at the elemetary school =
in the town I used to live in, they had me doing this inane activity they=
called "Picture Person." I got to go in with a reproduction of a histor=
ic 2D art piece and talk about it. I would go in and actually get the ki=
ds excited, they wanted to make some art. But NOOOOO, that wasn't in the=
ir schedule, they had to proceed right to some "necessary" class. Art cl=
ass was some premanufactured activity they did in their seats for 15 minu=
tes. I got so sick of watching the lights in the kids' eyes go out after =
my lectures, I quit. =20
I'm in a new town, and was just corralled by a local art council per=
son wanting me to come demo at the local high and elementary schools. I =
figure I will have to do some checking before agreeing, I can't stand fir=
ing kids up and seeing that light die again. C. A. Sanger =20