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interesting sale

updated wed 3 dec 97


Jon Anderson on tue 2 dec 97

Ive had a home sale here only for the last three years of my 27 years in
potting. Two things that I would like to pass onto the list is that for
one, My mailing list was derrived from people that have followed our work
in other places, Minnesota Renaissance, different Shops around the state
Etc.I used these addresses because I'm living in Zimmerman a small town of
2200 people north of the Twin Cities that I didn't think was large enough
to support the sale. I've been adding the addresses from the checks and
from the mailing list we put out for people to sign and 80% of the
addresses are from my little local community that I didn't have any faith
in, its just great. Second we added a interesting form of advertizement
that has proved to be very successful its a 8 1/2 x11 flyer that is sent
out with local adds and retail add newspapers we got a great responce from
Anyway it was a very successful sale and we are going to continue to have
it here.
just some thoughts
Jon Anderson