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how to avoid warped plate rims

updated sat 4 oct 08


Rogier Donker on fri 3 oct 08

Your precise description of how your plates are made caused
my red caution light to go on: You say at the rim of your plates the
material is 1/8 " thick... IMHO that is way too thin in relation to
the size and the rest of the body mass of the plate. Two foot rims
are a very good idea for a large charger but leaving only an eight of
an inch thickness at the rim is way too small. The rim, especially on
plates and bowls, should be slightly thicker than the wall thickness.
Use your leather finishing strip to thicken the edge so that it is
slightly thicker than the wall right below it. In effect you want to
shape sort of a "cord" of clay at the very edge. This will not only
retard the drying of the plate itself but, in doing so, prevent the
warping that plagues you. Hope this helps.
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