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stain sampler from trinity ceramics

updated tue 2 dec 97


Rafael Molina-Rodriguez (Rafael Molina-Rodriguez) on mon 1 dec 97

Clayarters :

I incorrectly stated in an earlier post that the ceramic stains in the Stain
Sampler from Trinity Ceramics were Pemco brand. They used to be
Pemco now they are Cerdec stains. The sampler includes the following
stains :

Cerdec 4053A Blue, Cerdec 41715 Turquoise, Cerdec 41367A Green,
Cerdec 41720 Yellow, 41188 Pink, Cerdec 41597 Coral, 41721 Brown,
and Cerdec 54406 Black.

The price is $ 24.95. For more information you can call Trinity Ceramics
Supply at (214) 631-0540 or e-mail them at TRINCER@AOL.COM