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photo credit and slide quality

updated tue 2 dec 97


Wendy Rosen on mon 1 dec 97

Professional photographers should provide you with slides that have their
photo credit information clearly printed on the slide. This assures them
a credit when it is possible to provide one. All commercial photography
should be purchased with "full rights" unless otherwise noted in a

BTW- slides for jurying and slides for publishing are NOT the same! Jury
slides should be darker and more dramatic in contrast. The black ink of
the press will darken any image you provide to a publisher... please send
us the slides that are just a little lighter. You will be much happier with
the printed result!

Of all the slides we receive only about 10% are of high enough quality to
use on our advertising and promotional materials.... But of the
"professionally shot" slides... about half or 50% are good enough for
promotional purposes... if you ever talked with someone who had their
image used on a printed piece that goes on about 1,000,000 pieces (as our
postcards and brochures do) you'll learn that paying for professional
slides is really worth the expense!!!

We're always looking for good slides showing artists at work in their
studios or good artist in studio portraits as well!

Best Wishes,

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I have given this thought, too. Most times when we select a slide
>for use on the prospectus or invitation for Ceramics USA, we have
>no way to know who the photographer was. Often, I expect, it
>was the artist; just as often, not. Slides arrive
>with all kinds of information on them. But information as to
>photographer is not there. Perhaps it would be possible to find
>out the photographer for selected images. Haven't tried, in
>all truth. When we make those selections, we don't even tell the
>artist whose work is being used- time is too short. They find out
>when the invitation or prospectus goes out. So far, no one has
>said "you shouldn't have used my piece on this postcard". But
>neither have they volunteered the name of their photographer.
>I understand the photographer's concern. They do deserve credit,
>and I have seen catalogues and so on where they are given credit.
>Don't recall invitations with those credits, off-hand.
>It will be interesting to hear what others have to say in this
>Dannon Rhudy
>Fellow Clayartists,
>I just got through with a four hour session with my photographer,
>slides done for next year's round of shows. It's become clear to
>me that in
>order to get into shows I need professional quality slides, and
>that is
>beyond my abilities with a camera. I'm convinced that photography
>is an
>art/craft every bit as deserving of recognition as our work with
>National clay competitions/exhibitions are now almost exclusively
>judged on
>the basis of submitted slides or prints. Typically, photos of
>works are held by the show, and used "for the purposes of
>education, publicity, and future grant proposals." I have no
>problem with
>this practice. It's an understandable requirement for putting on
>such an
>event on the kind of shoestring budjet that is typically
>available. These
>shows are an important way of gaining recognition for our work,
>and it
>behooves us to cooperate in any way possible. My photographer is a
>troubled by the practice however, and I promised to air his
>viewpoint here
>on the list.
>When I purchase slides of my work from my photographer, that's all
>buying from him, the slides, not the reproduction rights. Just as
>someone buys a piece of ceramic art from one of us, we don't
>release the
>right to reproduce that work, unless that is specifically
>contracted for.
>Now my photographer is my friend as well, and he's willing to
>accept the
>current practice in order to support my efforts to gain
>recognition for my
>work. But he does feel slighted when his images of my work are
>used without
>at least crediting him for his creation. I can only smile
>sheepishly &
>apologize to him when that happens.
>I have to ask, would it be all that difficult for the shows to
>alter their
>practices in the use of these images to make it a standard
>practice to
>credit the photographers? If feels to me that it would be
>appropriate for
>us, in our efforts to gain recognition for our work on the border
>art & craft, not to slight the work of others in a similar
>location on the
>art/craft spectrum.
>What do y'all think?
>Michael McDowell
>Whatcom County, WA USA

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