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updated fri 26 sep 08


Jones, Nina D. on thu 25 sep 08

Thank you Jennifer, May and Kim. Just seems to me that it is not stupid to=
ask what one simply does not know. And for all those that think Google is=
so simply wonderful and easy for all? Wish we could swap ... just for an=
hour ...

And I thought one should explore ways of working until they found what=
suited his/her own voice, style, aesthetic. And either it will be "Yes!=
Yes, exactly!!" or "... mmm, no, no ... mmm, yeah, maybe no." And=
sometime you'll know before you even try, that it's right or that it's=
wrong. For you.


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Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 12:58 PM
Subject: Questions

Hello Kim and friends;

May I suggest those who are Clayart-jaded and having a bad day just DON'T=
SPEAK for a couple of days when you see a question that is too "dumb" to=
your taste? Dumb in the beginning may not be that dumb when you hear it=
out and get to the end of the thread.

Some people learn better in an interactive environment. Reading is a=
passive activity. Sometimes the act of asking a question can spark a=
series of ideas that can be good to the group and to the person asking the=
question. (as in thinking out loud?) If you've been in a good=
brainstorming session, you would know what I mean.

Patience is a good thing working in clay.

Brooklyn NY

> I have a ton of pottery books i am finally finding and unpacking
> but they can't replace a human being explaining some confusing point.
> Nor is the internet always an answer. I ended up on a site with a
> question on material safety and it made it sound as if I could almost
> eat it!
> Then there are the people who really stink at surfing the net (like
> me.)
> Enough preaching. Just be kind to one another. We have all been
> down right dumb about something at some time.
> ;^) --Kim H.

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