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randy's 3 in 1 glaze ^6 ox. and versions

updated wed 17 sep 08


Alisa Clausen on tue 16 sep 08

Hi Randy
I tested this glaze as you sent it as well as Tim's I was not satisfied
with Tim's version for omitting the Redart which I think is an important
component of the glaze. I did his version with 10% Redart added. I also
made a version of my own, only cutting down on to of your original
materials, the Talc and the Lithium.

The glazes are all gloss or semi gloss satin glosses with colors
varying from beige, to a warm white and also a very warm beige. All a
little outside John and Ron's alumina limits. But this I am finding, gives
a better high fire "look" in the cone 6 range. Also true of my Butter Base.

You can see photos of these glaze tests at
The first few test photos. I will catch up with the rest in the set

I do not think that you will get the effect you like from your overlapping
glazes by making one glaze out of them. You will not get the contrast and
just that, overlapping effects where you see the two different glazes in
contrast to where they meet. You can get a very good breaking and fluid
glaze with a lot of nuances like for example, Dolita Floating Blue. But
this is a lot of surface3 interest in one glaze, but not overlapping effects
where you can see the contrast of the two or three glazes. But in general,
a smooth, high sitting gloss to semi gloss glaze.

Best regards from Alisa in Denmark