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^6 glaze suggestions for ceramic jewellery

updated tue 16 sep 08


Donald Burroughs on mon 15 sep 08

Hello Fellow Mud Folk
I am open to suggestions for glazing ^6 ceramic jewellery. I am thinking li=
ght colours because the work in question has multiple levels of bas-relief =
surfaces. The clay body fires to a tan/buff colour. This first series is ra=
w clay body only. Is their a faux celadon that looks green or blue being us=
ed by anybody on the list? Other iron sensitive glazes might also be an opt=
ion. Looking forward to your responses. One glaze I am planning to use can =
be seen on my site on a piece entitled "Armoured Teapot". This is an opal g=
laze with 3% black copper oxide added. It can be seen @
.ca/clayartz . Click the vessel button to view.
Regards Don Burroughs=20