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the voice of the clay or "just a tool" - vince's second mention...and nearing the resolve...

updated wed 10 sep 08


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on tue 9 sep 08

Hi Vince, or anyone else in-the-mood...

Ye'd said, in summary -

"But they are still just inanimate objects until we use them."

Well Vince... ( Lol )...they are still 'inanimate objects' even when we DO

...and after we 'use them'...

And will in many cases, endure, and continue to be 'inanimate objects'
long after we, as individuals, ( or 'as' Bodys anyway, ) have become
inanimate objects ourselves.

In the long run...'they' are ephemeral confluences...gathered in their
way...which will eventually un-gather...and disperse...over Time...

We all now this...yes?

They are "Verbs"...

But as for their being 'just' inanimate objects...why is it necessary to
insert the word "just"?

That is what was throwing me.

That seemed over-done...seemed 'mean spirited' ...not just you, others
so hard-hearted...defensive even...

What if someone 'believed' some 'Spirit' or 'presence' or 'energy' or other
'qualities' of whatever sort was/were 'in' an 'inanimate object'?

I definitely 'believe' that, in case you were curious but afraid to ask.

I have always believed it, never not known it...and or to one degree or
other, experienced it as 'so', and accepted it on the basis of practical,
pragmatic experience.

Hell, ask any up-on-things 'Physicist'...they'll tell you, if you need
'permission', there IS all sorts of stuff going on which is modern
jive-academic re-hash into new metaphors, for all the 'old, primitive' ways
of knowing.

If they ( "Physicists" ) are ( finally, sort of, ) getting hip...I'd recon
any average boy or girl could feel 'safe' to do so too...if not now, then
whenever it filters into 'mainstream' enough for 'Oprah' then.


So what if they did? ( anyone, me, whomever, 'believes' that 'energy' of a
revered Mentor, well tempered Maker, or esteemed prior user, unknown but
'positive' prior owner, or mere happy conditions of prior happenstance, or
just what I put into it even, or as may be ) IS 'in' the Tool or Machine or
other object?

Everyone knew this from time-immemorial...till only recently it was coerced
away by various 'influences'.

So..if someone did know, experience or 'believe' this...

Where's the harm?

Who is harmed?

What's the problem?

Why would anyone even care, or 'care' in a defensive, pejorative way to get
rid of it 'as' something NOT to be experienced?


Without "inanimate objects" there would be no 'people' or any other Life
forms on Earth.

We ( well, whomever it would apply to, ) would do well to get down off our
High ( Fifty-Cents-a-ride, Mechanical, Shopping-Mall ) 'Horses', and Kiss
the ground a few
hundred times now and then...and THEN Kiss whatever Tools and Machines we
have which have saved our asses from true and endless drudgery, and or the
sheer impossibility of getting our Work done at all, were we forced to try
and make the 'livings' we are used to, or to support ourselves at all, as
Artisans or Artists or Crafts-Persons, without them.

I do, all the time...big happy "smootches" too...the Tools, the Machines,
the old Step Van...SkillSaw, whatever I use...they ARE my 'Buddies', you fact, the old Step Van gets 'em right on
it's anthropomorphised, 1960, rounded, 8 foot tall, 'GM' assembly-line
all-Steel, 'Butt'...

Would it run as well if it was not Loved?



And, for true...



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From: "Vince Pitelka"

> Phil wrote:
> "What is served by this?
> What is it you want?"
> Dear Phil -
> I just expressed my opinion on the subject. If you wish to make this more
> complicated, that's your business. I clearly said that I love fine
> handmade
> (or machine-made) tools, including yours. I explained that it is up to
> each
> to determine how we use them, and that they can become fixtures of daily
> studio ritual, and thus become extremely important in our lives and our
> work. But they are still just inanimate objects until we use them.
> - Vince
> Vince Pitelka
> Appalachian Center for Craft
> Tennessee Tech University