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handbuilt kiln

updated mon 1 dec 97


Lisa P Skeen on sun 30 nov 97

In this month's CM there is an article about coil-built kiln that uses
a/c venting in the fireboxes and some sort of angle iron grate inside.
The photo shows how the venting is used, but I'm not clear on how the
angle iron is used. Is it in the walls of the kiln, or is it a grill
sort of thing on the bottom and that's where you sit the pots? Also, the
author doesn't say (unless I missed it) whether he's using any glaze in
the fire, or if he's using this kiln for bisqueing only. I gather from
his statement that he shuts it down when it gets to red heat that he's
not firing much over ^06ish......

Certainly did look interesting, and perhaps a project for wheneverthehell
our house is finishsed, if it happens in my lifetime.

Lisa Skeen, Living Tree Pottery and Soaps
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