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comparing cheque books

updated wed 10 sep 08


tony clennell on tue 9 sep 08

Mel wrote:
i am one of those folks that really admires bill campbell.
he is just out there, doing his thing...making money with
pots...hires good people. he does not give a sh** what others
think. does what he wants to do...sells what people want
and sells a great deal of it. he has a great formula and sticks
with it. just does not get caught up in philosophy and bs.
he is an old time potter. he knows what he is about.
it would be fun to compare check books with some of the
`holier than thou` types. i do admire folks that make pots.
and know what they are doing.

Mel: What a lot of nonsense- comparing cheque books!!! Compare the
cheque books of your local Wendy's and the cheque book of your local
restauranter and according to your formula the Wendy's owner makes a
far better product because he makes more money. the Wendy's owner
doesn't give a shit what others think either cause they're making
money by selling a processed product. If the size of your cheque
book is a bench mark of fine craft then it's a sad day.
I admire Dick Aerni who is in competition with the likes of Campbell
Pottery in craft stores across the country. One is made by a studio
artist and the other is made by a guy that hires a guy that can stand
behind a hydraulic press. It ain't handmade and it rides on the
reputation of quality makers like Dick. I don't git it!
still full of philosophy and bs.