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lili/two lines of art

updated tue 9 sep 08


mel jacobson on mon 8 sep 08

i have a couple st. ives pots...made by apprentices.
got them from the old man's hands. not a problem
in the world.

when in japan, i probably made a thousand pots with
mr. uchida's stamp on the bottom. hell, we had four of
us during june, 72 make about a thousand tea bowls.
it all depends on where you live. standards change all the
time. there are few master potters in japan working
at a wheel all day. when i was at hamada's i counted
16 employees. throwers, molders, and the best ever.
the korean women that did most all the painting on his pots.
he said to me...`that woman can really paint...i don't compete
with her.` (the problem with the hamada image are the many
movies done...with him painting and glazing. a great deal of
that was show biz...he sure worked hard all day....but others
did most of the actual making of pots.)

what i love about picasso is the massive amount of work
he did in this life. he was an art machine. he worked because
he loved to work. who cares what the quotes are? he was
what he was...`the most famous artist of our time`. that fact
cannot be diminished by anyone.

i have two lines.
my paintings sell at that $400-$1000 value.
a few each year.
and, i still love to paint.
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