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safety---thank you

updated sat 6 sep 08


cec on fri 5 sep 08

You all have given me some great ideas and info.
Forgive the original rant about the situation please, I was tired and should have waited til morning to ask for help.

The only way this other instructor might make an effort to maintain the space is if there are rules (guidelines) etc that come down from the director. This is a precarious situation as the college may decide this is a losing aspect of the college (the entire crafts program) and dump it. So maintaining equipment, recycling and making good use of the supplies we have is of extreme importance.

There are issues that make discussion with the other instructor nearly impossible, knowing the intricacies of the situation I feel that trying a one on one approach would actually make things worse.

I will gradually get everything in order and with the
students maintain that order. But with one instructor showing no concern over safety and cleanliness it is harder to make students believers.

I am fortunate that the new director is willing to work with me on this and to try to keep everything in a positive light. I have asked him to sit close enough to me during our impending meeting that he will be able to kick me if i show signs of getting grumpy.

Thank you all for your input and i will order Monona's book to help guide all of us though this situation.

Thanks and hugs to all.

Celia in VA