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cone 6 crystalline glazes - thank you bill schran

updated wed 3 sep 08


Shula on tue 2 sep 08

Thank you Bill Schran for your PMI article(Sept/Oct 2007) and answering my other ClayArt questions. I just finished my first cone 6 crystalline glaze firing following the article (and web resources) and I have crystals. Very cool. A monster is born. I know the next step is to play with oxide/carb combinations to see what colors I get. What fun!

And thanks to John and Ron for their glazes. I fired some MC6G in the kiln as well to see how they survive in a crystalline glaze firing. Interesting. Of course, I have another set of test tiles with the same glazes that I will fire in a "normal" cone 6 glaze firing (according to MC6G guidelines) so that I can compare.

Desert Hot Springs, CA