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drilling bats/wheelhead

updated sun 31 aug 08


Lili Krakowski on sat 30 aug 08

I like the idea of drilling bats. I find the way they swoop
around most annoying. They should practice flying patterns, and
stick to the right...and above all keep out of houses.

HOWEVER! Why does that wheel head not come off? I have a
kickwheel with a tapered axle, the wheel head is tapered the
other way so it fits on the tapered axle. When it sticks I take
a regular ironing iron, and set it on the head. (Head should be
clean, or interpose a piece of aluminum foil.) I turn the iron
to "Linen" and let it sit there till the head is good and warm.
I then tap from below with my trusty old rubber mallet. The head
lifts off.

When I wanted the head drilled for bat pins I did this, wrapped
the head in newspaper, took it to the mechanic at the garage,
along with a properly drilled bat. He drilled the holes and that
was that.

The idea of heating the head with an iron came from a friend
Forbes Cameron.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage