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drill my wheel head? with precision & without a drill press!

updated sun 31 aug 08


Carl Finch on sat 30 aug 08

At 11:11 AM 8/29/2008, Corinna Laird wrote:

>Is it possible to drill good holes in wooden
>or plastic bats with a hand-held drill?
>I don't own a drill press.

Before I owned a drill press I bought this tool to assist in drilling

It's made by Stanley, Model 04-413.

You loosen the white knob, dial up the drill size to the front (I've
circled my "choice" in red).
Insert the drill through that hole, holding the blue handle, and
drill away. The pointer on the leading edge of the bottom plate,
along with the two indicators at the sides (my three red lines in the
photo) show where the hole will be drilled. In other words, if
you've drawn cross hairs on your work piece, these indicators can
help you get the hole where you want it.

If you have three hands available, you can even use a hand (manual) drill!

(The red sliding door covers a hollow handle for storing drill bits,
thumb drives, what have you.)

Cool, huh?!

in Medford, Oregon