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fw: northern arizona potters yard sale

updated thu 28 aug 08


David Woof on wed 27 aug 08

Hi clay people=2C mud daubers and friends=2C We are hosting a potters yard =
sale for any clay related equipment=2C tools=2C clay and materials you can =
haul here or away on Saturday Sept 6=2C 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. =20
We are at 501 Fiesta St. (Patio Town) in Clarkdale=2C Az. just a few turns=
past the Verde Canyon Railway depot and down in the Rio Verde Greenway. =
Watch for "Potters Yard Sale" signs. =20
Information 928-649-5927 or E-mail this address to list intended items. Th=
ere is no fee to exhibit your stuff. But you must stay here with it. Pott=
ers/clay artists with a Biz card and clay somewhere on their person will re=
ceive a 20% discount off marked price. We already have folks bringing an el=
ectric kiln=2C a converted electric raku kiln with two venturi burners=2C l=
oads of various bats=2C bat storage carts=2C ware carts and shelving units =
and a growing list as word is getting out.
Also local wood firing potters will be exhibiting a range of recently fired=
work available for purchase. So please come=2C buy=2C sell=2C meet friends=
old and new=2C hang out=2C swap tales......swim the Verde=2C visit Jerome=
=2C hike Sycamore Canyon.....=20
David David Woof StudioClarkdale Az. =20

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