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defining a show

updated mon 25 aug 08


tony clennell on sun 24 aug 08

I must admit it was great to see the work of Clayarters on the tables
in the Clayart room. This however is not a show and frankly does not
present the work in the best of light. For any of you that have had a
show at a gallery you will confirm that it can almost stop your heart
when you walk into a room and see the spotlight on your work,maybe all
by it's lonesome on a plight. I am sitting here writing the syllabus
for my class at Sheridan and got to the point of their final
individual crit and it occurred to me I needed to write the same to
you. I will know who is a worker bee and who is the Queen by the end
of the course but this final chat about their work is so important. I
learned this summer from Joe Davis that you make your crit like a
gallery showing. No ware carts clinking and clanking into the room,
blowing off dust and cleaning off smudge marks. Pots needing grinding,
sanding, etc, etc. You do it all!- flowers, your best clothes all the
nonsense you'd do for a show at your best and favourite gallery.
I like Vince haven't the time to change my mind but maybe instead of
looking for other venues if someone has the energy the Clayart room
could be turned into a gallery with imagination in the plight dept
etc. I hand this over to those worker bees. I have not a breath of air
I do remember a Necca with pots in a bank lobby, a gov't building etc
and they were very effective. Maybe a few prominent pieces outside the
Clayart room would welcome others to penetrate the walls of Clayart
and find the excitement contained within.
Back to the syllabus!
Good pots to everyone.