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updated thu 21 aug 08


James F on tue 19 aug 08

Clayart Folk...

I received an email from Robin Hopper yesterday. Among other things=2C he =
disclosed some very troubling news that I thought I should pass along to yo=
u. It seems that his publisher has been purchased by a larger firm. This =
firm=2C F+W=2C has canceled all of his books=2C including the new Rhodes/Ho=
pper edition of Clay and Glazes=2C as of the end of the current print run.

As many of you know=2C Robin's books placed very highly in our recent claya=
rt survey=2C with Clay and Glazes at #1=2C Ceramic Spectrum at #8=2C Functi=
onal Pottery at #10=2C Making Marks at #13=2C Staying Alive at #19=2C and C=
eramics=2C A Lifetime at #38. Pottery Making Illustrated published their o=
wn ranking of the top ten ceramics books in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue=2C where=
Robin's books placed 2=2C 3=2C 4=2C and 5.

If any of you are considering purchasing any of these books=2C you may want=
to do so sooner rather than later. If any of the educators on the list us=
e these books in your classes=2C you may want to ask your campus bookstore =
to stock up. Unless a new publisher steps forward=2C all of these fine boo=
ks will be gone at the end of this year or early in 2009.

All the best.


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Ivor and Olive Lewis on wed 20 aug 08

Dear James Freeman

Such is the World of Publishing and Global Finance.
Is there anything Robin can do to prevent publishers residues from
being dumped into the "Remainders Market", an event that would
prevent him from realising his due rewards?
I am sire he will find a new publisher willing to take over his list
and promote all of his works.
Best regards,
Ivor Lewis.
South Australia.