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remaidered books; whose tree should we bark up?

updated sat 23 aug 08


Lili Krakowski on fri 22 aug 08

There was a long discussion of this on ClayArt quite a few years
ago, because as here, people were blaming the publishers for
remaindering books....

I forget the details, as I have had nothing to do with publishing
in decades--but a kindly accountant or lawyer explained then what
I remembered vaguely.

The tax people changed some code. As a result of which
publishers no longer could keep books warehoused "forever" but
needed to (economic reasons, tax reasons) to get rid of them
after a certain time.
As publishers are in business and we need them to stay in
business, there is no point blaming them!

Of course--hint, hint--the big ceramic supply houses could buy up
such books. They too might have to unload them after a while,
but it would extend the books being on the market.

Maybe someone out there knows and will tell us--so we can write
our Congress people.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage