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updated fri 22 aug 08


Eric Mindling on thu 21 aug 08

The world is wide, life is short, there is more than one w=

Clayarters!=0A=0AThe world is wide, life is short, there is more than one w=
ay to make a pot. Come traveling with us to an exotic land of friendly peop=
le and good food with traditional ceramics and culture as our focus. Mexico=
is close in miles, but a world away. Treat yourself to an escape this Wint=
er and let us open the doors for you. =0A Below are our mud-encrusted to=
urs and workshops among the indigenous potters of Mexico. Check them out. S=
end us an email. Take the leap.=0A=0AEric Mindling=0AHead Honcho, Tradition=
s Mexico Tours=0A=0A =0A=0AThe Oaxacan Clay Workshop. Jan 3 - 11, 2009. Han=
ds-in-the-mud workshop =0Adoing pots the way they=92ve been done for 4,000 =
years in this Zapotec=0Avillage from digging clay to bonfiring the vessels,=
and a rare experience of=0Acultural immersion. 8 nights, $1,765.=0Ahttp://= Masters Potters of Tona=
la: Polychrome and Burnish. Feb 7-14, 2009. A=0Agoldmine town of nationally=
recognized master potters. Ornate surface decoration=0Awith oxide slips, m=
ica burnish, low, mid and highfire glaze work. Includes one-day=0Ahands-on =
slip/burnish workshop, visits with 8 master potters. 7 nights, $1,695.=0Ah=
ttp:// =0AThe Potters of Michoac=
an. March 14 - 23, 2009. An adventure through the beautiful highlands of=0A=
Michoacan. Five-foot tall vases, slip and burnish decoration, bizarre dream=
like=0Afigurative work, lead-free low-fire glaze work, colonial towns, mark=
ets,=0Aindigenous culture. 9 nights, $1980
mich_clay-0607.htm=0A =0AThe Traditional Arts of Michoacan. March 29 =96 A=
pril 7, 2009.=0AInto the marvelous, but seldom visited Purepecha highlands =
of Michoacan for the=0AEaster folkart market, largest in the country, plus =
visits to potters,=0Acoppersmiths, mask carvers, reed weavers, beautiful co=
lonial cities, markets=0Aand rural churches. 9 nights, $1,980.=0Ahttp://tra= Mexico H=
ands On Tours=0AOaxaca, Mexico=0ATOURS
S POTTERY THROUGH IMAGES www.traditionsmex=