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safety first

updated sat 29 nov 97


Susan L. Ross on thu 27 nov 97

Hi Arters --

I would like to share studio maintenance and safety information with my adult
classes which start up in January. I would appreciate any and all advice that
I could pass onto my students...I also like the idea of subscribing to a
safety publication like those recently posted.


Potting in Piedmont, CA
Rain...rain...and more rain = snow in the mountains -- yeah!
PS -- Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Don Prey on fri 28 nov 97

Regarding your request for info on studio maintenance: Unfortunatly I don't
have the issue number, but about 5 or 6 years ago Ceramics Monthly had a
review of the book "Pottery Materials" by John Colbeck. They excerpted a
short section on his "sound practices in the use of materials" that I thought
was an excellent guide for new potters.

Don Prey in Oregon