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kiln slab/asphalt: more info

updated mon 18 aug 08


Kelly Savino on sat 16 aug 08

Thanks to all for feedback on the kiln site and slab questions.

I have been offered some 3X3 foot paving stones to use over or under the
cinderblock base, and Vince suggested that I put a layer of IFB under
the hardbrick layer for the floor to stop the heat form passing through
to the cinderblock. That works for me, because it frees up a lot of hard
brick that seems like it would be better suited to the fire-intensive
areas behind the bag walls. I am not sure how to proceed with a soft
brick soda kiln, as far as coating -- I have heard arguments on both
sides -- but that's a problem for later.

I am today out in the driveway building an arch form to take back to Ann
Arbor and unstack the inner layer of bricks. The outer layer we have
already boxed and moved to the lake.

(I'll post pix to my blog as I go, link from )

The asphalt spot where I plan to build/rebuild is the side-apron of a
large driveway. It is maybe five years old and has been the parking
place for a jeep (no dents that I can see.) I have not yet checked for
level but I suspect it has a slight slope so that water can run off --
I'll get back to you all on that, and am grateful for Tony F's
suggestion about the big sand box.

Here's what I bought

I was the only bidder. I suspect it's because buying a kiln is kind of
like buying an in grouond pool... dig the hole, pour the inside, and
then start carrying buckets of water.. lol

Anyway thanks.. back to the table saw..

Kelly in Ohio on a cool, breezy, productive weekend. Connor's painting
the octagonal dovecote and building nesting boxes out of my plywood
scraps, and my little banty hen in the henhouse, growling at all comers,
in full broody mode over half a dozen eggs we brought home, ... eggs
pilfered (with permission) from under the lovely little oddities in
cages at the state fair's poultry barn.

Lee Love on sun 17 aug 08

I would put the softbrick on the exterior and hardbrick on the
interior. It is the reverse of my current kiln, but because of its
double wall construction, very easy to do.

Lee Love in Minneapolis

"Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground." --Rumi