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interesting iron glaze test results. (cone 6)

updated wed 20 aug 08


Sally Guger on tue 19 aug 08
Here's a link (I hope) to a cone six red bowl of mine. I haven't read the r=
ecent posts about iron red glazes because I assumed they were cone 10!!=A0 =
This recipe was posted on Clayart with photos by John Sankey- it works for =
me- I don't even mind when it turns brown- still a pretty glaze. Sally=A0
=A0(No Neph. Sye- but I did use "Special RIO" or it might be Spanish Red ir=
on- it looks much redder than the usual stuff.)

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--- On Tue, 8/19/08, Angela Davis wrote:

From: Angela Davis
Subject: Interesting iron glaze test results.

"In my quest for a mystery iron red glaze
Timothy Joko-Veltman told me the dark blue/black
where thin might mean there was neph sy in the recipe."