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fwd: book list

updated mon 18 aug 08


joyce on sat 16 aug 08

>1. Lark's 500 series
>2. Vince's all-encompassing reference book
>3. Mel's wonderfully informative and
> entertaining book.... Pottery: A Life, A Lifetime
>4. John Britt's ^10 glaze book
>5. Jack Troy's Salt Glazed Ceramics
>6. Out of the Earth Into the Fire by Mimi O.
>7. The Mad Potter of Biloxi (subject: George Ohr whom I'm
>claiming as a cousin
since Ohr is one of my family names and from his part of the south.)
>8. Laguna's Catalog which offers much info about glazes&firing
>9. Hopper's The Ceramic Spectrum
>10. Tom Coleman's Glaze books 1 and 2
>11. Marcia Selsor's thesis publication

John&Ron, of course, would be on here except I don't fire below ^10.
However, I own the book and have read it several times.... learning more
about firing, glazing and the possible joys of ^6 specifically.

In the Mojave desert of California

joyce on sun 17 aug 08

># of Votes
>Rhodes, Daniel & Hopper, Robin Clay and Glazes for the
>Potter 26
>Hamer, Frank & Janet Hamer Potter's Dictionary
>of Materials and Techniques 22
>Hesselberth, John & Roy, Ron Mastering Cone 6
>Glazes 19
>Cardew, Michael Pioneer
>Pottery 15
>Pitelka, Vince Clay, A
>Studio Handbook 15
>Hopper, Robin The
>Ceramic Spectrum 14
>Hopper, Robin Functional
>Pottery 13
>John High Fire
>Glazes 12
>Olsen, Frederick L. The Kiln
>Book 12
>Illian, Clary A
>Potter's Workbook 11
>Hopper, Robin Making
>Marks 10
>Leach, Bernard A Potter's
>Book 10
>Peterson, Susan & Peterson, Jan The Craft and Art of
>Clay 8
>Chappell, James The Potter's
>Complete Book of Clay and Glazes 6
>Lark Books 500
>Series Books (Various) 6
>Rhodes, Daniel Stoneware
>and Porcelain 6
>Berensohn, Paulus Finding
>One's Way with Clay 5
>Birks, Tony The
>complete potter's companion 5
>Branfman, Steven Raku, A
>Practical Approach 5
>Casson, Michael The craft
>of the Potter 5
>Cosentino, Peter The
>Encyclopedia of Pottery Techniques 5
>Hopper, Robin Staying
>Alive 5
>Lou, Nils The
>Art of
>Firing 5
>Nelson, Glenn C. Ceramics:
>A Potters Handbook 5
>Piepenburg, Robert The Spirit of
>Clay 5
>Rhodes, Daniel Kilns:
>Design, Construction, & Operation 5
>Richards, Mary Caroline Centering in
>Pottery, Poetry, and the Person 5
>Watkins & Wandless Alternative
>Kilns & firing Techniques 5
>Zakin, Richard Electric
>Kiln Ceramics 5
>Several contributors pointed out that a recommendation without
>context is largely meaningless. While this project was not intended
>to operate as a recommendation, I nonetheless agree with their
>statement. It would be possible, if there was enough interest and
>enough folks willing to contribute, to convert our list into an
>annotated bibliography. As such, the list could become a useful
>resource to a wide audience. Perhaps it merits discussion.