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favorite books on clay

updated wed 13 aug 08


Sally Guger on tue 12 aug 08

Here's a few of the books I own and enjoy. (not in any order) Sally
Centering in Pottery. Poerty, and Person by M.C. Richards
Mastering Cone 6 Glazes- Ron Roy and John Hesselberth
Clay & Glazes for the Potter - Daniel Rhodes
Functional Pottery - Robin Hopper
Potters' Dictionary of Materials & Techniques- Frank & Janet Homer
A Potter's Book by Bernard Leach
Wheel Thrown Pottery- Bill Van Gilder- (great for my high school students)
Hands in Clay=A0 by Charlotte Speight and John Toki
Terracotta: The Technique of Fired Clay Sculpture by Bruno Lucchesi & Margi=
t Malmstrom
The Tea Ceremony by Sen'O Tanaka

Live, Give, Love
Beyond All Expectation.
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