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naked raku and saggar workshop

updated tue 12 aug 08


Allyson May on sun 10 aug 08

Hello Folks,

Just a little reminder, if you are looking for a fall workshop, to =
consider the one I'm offering at my studio in beautiful Bloomington, =
Indiana. Space is limited and the deadline is August 25th!!!! Check out =
the info below:
Naked Clay: Investigations in Alternative Firing Techniques.=20

This 2 day hands on workshop will provide information and =
experimentation in Naked Raku and Saggar firing. Participants will bring =
bisqued works and saggars. All other materials will be provided. =
Emphasis will be on experimentation, skill development and problem =
solving. A Technical Data Sheet will be provided several weeks in =
advance to assist participants in the construction of items for the =

The workshop will include:

a.. Slide presentation,=20
b.. Workshop manual (processes, recipes, clay bodies)=20
c.. Discussion and demonstration of all techniques,=20
d.. Firing=20
e.. Evaluation/critique=20
f.. Lunch
Whether you are experienced or just beginning to explore =
alternative firing, this workshop will be an excellent opportunity to =
gain new insights and experience in a fun and relaxing environment. =
Class space is limited so make reservations early.

Cost: 2 day workshop, materials and lunch $175.00
Location: Stoney Creek Pottery, Bloomington, Indiana=20
Contact: =20

Allyson May on mon 11 aug 08

Hey Folks,

It was brought to my attention that I forgot to mention the actual dates =
of the workshop...oops! Anyway they are September 27-28th; 8:30am - =
5:30pm each day.

Allyson May
Stoney Creek Pottery
Bloomington, IN