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electric kilns ... uh, yeah, some need a book

updated sat 9 aug 08


Jones, Nina D. on fri 8 aug 08

" ... electric firing is about as simple of a firing cycle as you can
The only things you control are the cone, and speed of heating and
cooling. It doesn't take a book to describe that!"

Electric kilns are likened to microwaves and this may be true, to a
point. But even a microwave will turn your pastry to stone if you don't
realize it only takes 5 seconds to heat. Even kilns with "controllers"
are confusing when one is just learning. And the manuals tell you how,
but they don't tell you what and why. And huh??? And what and why and
WHAT?????? Oh, thank you, thank you for the books!! There are those of
us who need to understand and digest before (and during ... and after
... )we can swing and wing it.

"Those who CAN teach."

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