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sales up or down?

updated fri 8 aug 08


Kim Hohlmayer on thu 7 aug 08

Hi Pat,
I'm not a big potter but the gallery which sells my work had its best month in a long time last month (and it always does well). I always found that when the economy is down people may buy fewer gifts, etc. but they are more likely to buy quality art and craft items. Kim H.

--- On Tue, 8/5/08, Pat Southwood wrote:

> From: Pat Southwood
> Subject: p*ssing contests, summer fairs, miscellany
> Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2008, 3:41 PM
> Hi,
> My experience so far this year from the U.K. is that I had
> fewer people at my open studio, but they were collectors.
> I ended up selling fewer, much more expensive items, to
> more serious collectors , and less of the reasonably priced
> pieces made to attract the passing trade.
> End result, happy potter.
> Not sure how this relates to the big potters do's
> though ?
> Havnt heard the feedback yet.
> Any private posts would be greatly informative.
> Pat Southwood