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new fair and new booth

updated fri 28 nov 97


Eleanora Eden on wed 26 nov 97

Hi everybody,

So I'm busy reeling through the booth file since I'm finally buying a
booth. I thought about getting a roof and outsides for my old Elaine
Martin indoor booth thing I never use but the setup time is too long. This
Coconut Grove thing the setup starts at MIDNIGHT can you believe it? All
these years and it just seems things keep getting weirder....(like how
wierd weird is spelled....) So it looks like a competition between
LightDome and CraftHut.....any tips about getting good prices on either one
of these? Any new testimonials I haven't heard yet?

And any tips about this fair from any clayarters local to that area would
be great....hope to see some of you down there.

Eleanora.....and you all have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!
Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Diane S. Zubrick on thu 27 nov 97


I just purchased a Finale from the company that makes the Light Dome.
They had a sale in September. It is similar to the Craft hut, but it has
a taller pitch on the roof that makes it higher and has an aluminum
arched roof with a center ridge instead of the huts pvc roof. It is
lighter in weight than the Craft Hut and I believe, more attractive. The
frame is anodized silver and goes together easily with buttons that lock.
The sides have a center zipper, but you can order one with the door.
The main difference, besides the weight, is that the Craft Hut sides zip
onto the roof and the Finale sides attach to the frame and the roof is
pulled down over the sides. Both tents are supposed to be watertight.
The sides do connect to each other with zippers. I also ordered a back
awning for my Finale, which does zip onto the roof.

My artist's friends that have a Light Dome are quite pleased with that
canopy too. Artists I know that have a Craft Hut are also satisfied with
their booth. Unfortunately, I have not used my new Finale, since I have
only had indoor shows since it arrived. I did get the frame connected in
8 minutes the second time I did it and that was in 30 mile an hour winds.
In the video, they put it up in a much shorter time. The sides and top
do take a while to do, as any top and sides do.

Good luck at the Grove, many of us would love to do it. Congratulations!

Diane Schwob Zubrick
Applecreek Pottery
Centerville, Ohio